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Seamus McGuinness Air Force

Photo of Seamus McGuiness.

"The largest transition in going from vet to student is just that you're not among your peers, at ability to sit and process information is now very different from an eighteen-year-old's."

All throughout his life Seamus McGuinness has admired his father, a Navy veteran and retired New York City fireman. While growing up, Seamus witnessed various examples of strength and exemplary character which became traits he wanted to emulate. Seamus' life changed forever as the attacks of September 11, 2001 inspired him to join the Air Force in 2002.

He was trained by the Air Force as a heavy equipment mechanic. While in Iraq, Seamus provided mission support for all branches all throughout the desert. He describes witnessing unimaginable acts of courage and horrendous violence. Presently, he is a student at Rutgers, dealing with PTSD and his transition to civilian life while reflecting on the great experiences he had as well as the negative during his service. He supports the troops not the war.